current phd students

Photograph of a sign: Drug free school zone

Benjamin Heinzerling, since April 2015. PhD. scholarship at Research Training Group AIPHES, research topic: entity linking

Alex Judea, since October 2013 PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: cross-document coreference resolutione, concept disambiguation

Sebastian Martschat, since September 2011 PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: coreference resolution

Mohsen Mesgar, since September 2013 PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: local coherence modeling

Nafise Moosavi, since February 2014 PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: machine learning methods for coreference resolution

Daraksha Parveen, since December 2012 PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: automatic summarization

Cäcilia Zirn, since October 2010 PhD. student at the Computer Science department at the University of Mannheim, research topic: fine-grained sentiment analysis (co-advised by me)


graduated phd students

Photograph of a CD laying on the ground

Yufang Hou, PhD 2016 (U Heidelberg): Unrestricted Bridgring Resolution, now at IBM Research, Dublin

Angela Fahrni, PhD 2015 (U Heidelberg): Joint Discourse-aware Concept Disambiguation and Clustering, now at IBM Research, Zürich

Jie Cai, PhD 2013 (U Heidelberg): Coreference Resolution via Hypergraph Partitioning, now at Microsoft, Beijing

Katja Filippova, PhD 2009 (TU Darmstadt): Dependency Graph Based Sentence Fusion and Compression, now research scientist at Google Research, Zürich, Switzerland

Simone Paolo Ponzetto, PhD 2009 (U Stuttgart): Knowledge Acquisition from a Collaboratively Generated Encyclopedia, now Professor at the University of Mannheim"

Margot Mieskes, PhD 2009 (U Erlangen): Exploring Methods for the Automatic Summarization of Meetings, now Professor at Hochschule Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

Christoph Müller, PhD 2008 (U Tübingen): Fully Automatic Resolution of 'it', 'this', and 'that' in Unrestricted Multi-Party Dialog, now, again, at HITS


current postdoc

Mark-Christoph Müller, (2015-) in the project Scalable Author Disambiguation in Bibliographic Databases


former postdocs

Camille Guinaudeau, (2012-2013): now Assistant Professor at Université Paris Sud, Paris, France

Vivi Nastase, (2006-2011): now Researcher at Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy

Iryna Gurevych, (2001-2005): now Full Professor at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany