current phd students

Photograph of a sign: Drug free school zone

Wei Liu, since July 2021, PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: discourse processing

Haixia Chai, since April 2020, PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: generalizability in coreference resolutione

Mehwish Fatima, since October 2019 HEIC/DAAD scholarship holder, research topic: cross-lingual automatic summarization

Sungho Jeon, since October 2019, PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: local coherence modeling with applications in essay scoring

Federico Lopez, since April 2018, RTG AIPHES, research topic: geometric deep learning with applications in entity typing, knowledge graph completion, recommender systems

Kevin Alex Mathews, since January 2018 PhD. scholarship holder, research topic: metonymy resolution


current postdocs and senior researchers

Wei Zhao, since July 2021, Postdoc in HITS Lab project, research topic: geometric deep learning with NLP applications

Mark-Christoph Müller, since June 2015 senior researcher in DeepCurate project, research topic: backprojection of database entries to documents


graduated phd students

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Alex Judea, PhD 2021 (U Heidelberg): Global Inference and Local Syntax Representations for Event Extraction, now Research Scientist at KPMG, Mannheim, Germany

Benjamin Heinzerling, PhD 2019 (U Heidelberg): Aspects of Coherence for Entity Analysis, now Postdoc at RIKEN, Sendai, Japan

Mohsen Mesgar, PhD 2019 (U Heidelberg): Graph-based Patterns for Local Coherence Modeling, now Postdoc at TU Darmstadt, Germany

Nafise Moosavi, PhD 2018 (U Heidelberg): Robustness in Coreference Resolution, now Postdoc at TU Darmstadt, Germany

Yufang Hou, PhD 2017 (U Heidelberg): Unrestricted Bridging Resolution, now Research Scientist at IBM Research, Dublin, Ireland

Daraksha Parveen, PhD 2017 (U Heidelberg): A Graph-Based Approach for the Summarization of Scientific Articles, now at Microsoft Research, Bangalore, India

Sebastian Martschat, PhD 2016 (U Heidelberg): Structured Representations for Coreference Resolution, now Research Scientist at BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Angela Fahrni, PHD 2015 (U Heidelberg): Joint Discourse-aware Concept Disambiguation and Clustering, now at IBM Research, Zürich

Jie Cai, PhD 2013 (U Heidelberg): Coreference Resolution via Hypergraph Partitioning, now at Microsoft, Beijing

Katja Filippova, PhD 2009 (TU Darmstadt): Dependency Graph Based Sentence Fusion and Compression, now research scientist at Google Research, Zürich, Switzerland

Simone Paolo Ponzetto, PhD 2009 (U Stuttgart): Knowledge Acquisition from a Collaboratively Generated Encyclopedia, now Full Professor at the University of Mannheim"

Margot Mieskes, PhD 2009 (U Erlangen): Exploring Methods for the Automatic Summarization of Meetings, now Professor for Information Science Professor for Information Science at the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany

Christoph Müller, PhD 2008 (U Tübingen): Fully Automatic Resolution of 'it', 'this', and 'that' in Unrestricted Multi-Party Dialog, now back at HITS


former postdocs

Camille Guinaudeau, (2012-2013): now Assistant Professor at Université Paris Sud, Paris, France

Vivi Nastase, (2006-2011): now Researcher at University of Zürich

Iryna Gurevych, (2001-2005): now Full Professor at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany