current projects

Photograph of
		      skyscrapers in fog

AIPHES: DFG-funded research training group on Adaptive Information Processing from Heterogeneous Sources at the CS Department at the Technical University of Darmstadt, the Institute for Computational Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg and the NLP Group at HITS -- Co-PI, 2015-2019

Research Initiative Discourse Semantics: Coherence in Language Processing: Semantics Beyond the Sentence (Promotionskolleg at the University of Heidelberg) -- Co-PI, 2011-2014


past projects

Photograph of a
		      couple of sunken boats

CoSyne: Multi-lingual content synchronization with Wikis (EU FP7 ICT-4 248531) -- PI, 2010-2013

JUMAS: Judicial Management by Digital Libriaries Semantics (EU FP7 ICT 214316) -- PI, 2008-2011

SIGHTSee: Simultaneous Generation in Heidelberg: Text and Scene images (FRONTIER innovation fund, part of the excellence initiative at the University of Heidelberg) -- Co-PI, 2008-2010

DIANA-Summ: Dialogue, Anaphors, Summarization (DFG STR 545/2-1,2) -- PI, 2004-2007

MMAX: Multi-level Annotation with XML (funded by Klaus-Tschira Foundation, EML Research, and paying customers) -- PI, 2003-2007

EMBASSI: Elektronische Multimediale Bedien- und Service Assistenz (funded by BMBF, i.e. German Ministry for Research and Education) -- project member, 2000-2003